Pay-per Click Advertisement (PPC)

Providing PPC management services to companies in Hertfordshire and surrounding areas. Whether it is Google, Facebook or the newly fastest growing advertiser Amazon (SmartInsights)

Pay-per click Advertisement, commonly referred to as simply PPC is a highly effective Digital Marketing tool in which you target specific keywords that your customers are likely to search. You will then set an ad spend budget to automatically bid against competitors for your ad to be displayed. 

The benefits of a PPC campaign are that it is the quickest route to market, you only pay when someone clicks and the leads are likely to be more relevant giving you a greater chance to convert into leads or sales.

How We Can Help You?

We are able to provide you a full PPC management campaign. Firstly, starting with a full website and industry analysis to determine the key search terms that can be targeted.

Next we will determine the most effective strategy, considering your budget and target market. Once we have identified the best ad channel for you we will target your customers with well written, engaging adverts.

We will continually monitor what is working effectively and make alterations where necessary, providing you regular progress updates.